Parking Management

PCA’s Parking Services Division focuses on all aspects of parking management. We employ associates throughout California, Georgia, Missouri, and Kansas.

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Pep Valdes

Executive Vice President

Aaron Chaves

Vice President of Operations

Revenue Management

Through the use of Automated Parking Equipment or Parking Attendants, PCA handles all forms of revenue-generating streams, including but not limited to: Daily Transient Parking, Tenant Validation Sales, and Tenant/Transient Monthly Parking Sales.

Valet or Valet Assist “Stack” Parking

Aside from your standard general Valet amenity, on occasion, a building may not have enough parking spaces to accommodate their needs. In this scenario, PCA provides Valet Attendants to assist with generating additional space. Utilizing what is known as valet assist or “stack” parking. Locations could see an increase from 25% to 50% in additional parking space by applying this option.

Parking Enforcement Service

In addition to revenue management and valet, certain facilities may also require the need for Parking Enforcement Services. Also, the need for enforcing their own buildings’ parking rules and regulations, particular buildings/facilities reside in locations that may neighbor other facilities with parking issues. Ultimately, this leads to outside or “unauthorized” vehicles utilizing parking spaces, creating an unwanted and unnecessary parking crunch. PCA provides attendants who monitor and enforce assigned parking areas by way of issuing warning notices, citations, and towing.

  • It all begins with an idea. Maybe you want to launch a business. Maybe you want to turn a hobby into something more. As an extension of our Parking Attendant Operations, PCA also provides what we like to call “Ambassadors” to buildings or facilities that require an informational point of contact or in some cases “light” parking or building policy enforcement.

  • PCA has the ability to provide traffic control officers to buildings or facilities that require assistance due to heavy traffic flow. Our staff is trained on the proper directional techniques needed and they are able to adapt to different traffic scenarios in real-time.

  • PCA can provide fixed route or on-demand transportation services for Buildings or Facilities that require the need. We have been and are currently contracted to provide Transportation services that encompass On-Campus fixed routes for larger campuses, MetroLink/Amtrak, Local Points of Interest, and multiple Healthcare scenarios).

  • PCA provides the essential equipment necessary for successful operations. This includes signage, uniforms, safety cones, podiums, lock boxes, two-way radios, tickets, insurance cellular communication, and other additional equipment.

  • PCA provides the parking industry’s most comprehensive garage keepers and liability insurance along with the state-required worker’s compensation coverage.

PCA continues to maintain expertise in every component of the parking service business. The Parking operations of PCA encompass:

  • Surface, Office Management, Entertainment, Airport, off/on Airport

  • Metered, controlled, and permit parking

  • Recreational, sporting, concert, state/county event parking

  • Institutional parking (e.g., court, hospital, education, bank, office building)